Web-based Learning

 Last week, we had a guest speaker Mr. Howard Griffith, eLearning Development Consultant in Manitoba. He talked about web based learning and its uses in education.  These courses are set up due to number of challenges such as small population, unavailability of teachers faced by students in rural and northern communities. There are other factors such as interest of students in alternative methods of learning, timetable issues etc. that affect students learning. Therefore, solution to all problems is Web based learning.  Mr. Howard Griffith also told us about Web Based Requests and its benefits to teachers in Manitoba. I requested courses in Senior year’s Physics and want to learn about how web based couses are set up and how I can use them in future for my student teaching.

Web-based learning is potentially powerful tools for enhancing teaching and learning processes in school education. It provides teachers and learners with a wide range of new and exciting experiences that are impossible in a traditional classroom. Web based learning enable learner to focus on their learning in quiet and calm learning environment. Now days, there is a big change from a traditional classroom environment, where the teacher and the textbook control the learning process to web based learning, where students themselves, not the teacher, control how to learn based on their needs. Students become responsible of their own learning when they are taking education through web-based learning.


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  1. January 18, 2011 at 5:16 pm

    Unfortunately I didn’t get to sit in on this presentation, but after reading your post I feel that I have a better idea of what was discussed.

    Web based learning seems to be very useful in education especially for rural areas that have low enrollment numbers. I believe that every student, no matter how small the town, should have equal opportunity to take necessary courses they may or may not need in order to progress into there desired careers. Web-based learning seems to be the key for this..

    Although it’s somewhat scary to think about, Web-based Learning seems to be replacing the need for the presence of a teacher (of the human variety). Web-based Learning offers flexibility for students in rural communities, as well as help to teach students organization skills, and help them become more independent. Web-based learning is a huge step in the right direction, but as a social being, I can’t help but believe that humans are designed to learn from each other. My preference for learning will likely always be from a human rather a computer, as humans often use verbal and visual cues in order to absorb new knowledge and retain information.

    Interesting topic.. and leaves me wondering what the teacher’s role will be in 2020..2030.. (hopefully we still have jobs) 😛

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